Crystal Sync videos – “The Affairs of Janice”

Name: The Affairs of Janice

Country: United States

Language: English

Director: Zebedy Colt

Duration: 71 min

Year: 1976

Actress: Annie Sprinkles,C.J. Laing,Crystal Sync,Renee Sanz

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Actors: Bobby Astor,Zebedy Colt,Ras Kean,Nils Nilsson

Uniquely talented as a director and actor, Zebedy Colt could turn a low budget skin flick into a hyper real and sometimes vicious experience. In front of the camera, Colt could perform roles from meek to depraved, and as a director what he delivered was always erotic. Colt’s amazing thriller combines references to old Hollywood movies, psychosexual unhingement, and audacious sex scenes! Zebedy is a painter whose soured marriage is livened by continuous cocktail parties and often kinky and terminal indiscretions!

Vintage porn 1970 : “Positions Danoises”

Name: Positions Danoises

Year: 1977

Director: Jean Rollin

Country: France

Duration: 72 min

Language: French

Actors: Charlie Schreiner,Willy Bracque

Categories: Vintage porn 1970, 1977, France, French, Jean Rollin, Mika Barthel, Nadine Scant, Maude Carolle, Charlie Schreiner, Willy Bracque, Facial

Actress: Mika Barthel,Nadine Scant,Maude Carolle

Hillary Summers in retro porn picture

Hillary Summers in retro porn picture

Audrey Lang free porn – “Loving Spoonfuls”

Name: Loving Spoonfuls

Country: United States

Year: 1987

Language: English

Duration: 85 min


Actress: Christy Canyon,Amber Lynn,Honey Wilder,Kristara Barrington,Erica Boyer,Karen Summer,Rachel Ryan,Trinity Loren,Cara Lott,Mai Lin,Blondie Bee,Heather Wayne,Gina Carrera,Sahara,Summer Rose,Kelly Richards,Gail Forse,Gina Valentino,Nicole West,Sheer Delight,Angel Cash,Kimi Gee,Athena Star,Sylvia Benedict,Audrey Lang,Dawn Divine

Categories: Audrey Lang free porn, 1987, United States, English, Christy Canyon, Amber Lynn, Honey Wilder, Kristara Barrington, Erica Boyer, Karen Summer, Rachel Ryan, Trinity Loren, Cara Lott, Mai Lin, Blondie Bee, Heather Wayne, Gina Carrera, Sahara, Summer Rose, Kelly Richards, Gail Forse, Gina Valentino, Nicole West, Sheer Delight, Angel Cash, Kimi Gee, Athena Star, Sylvia Benedict, Audrey Lang, Dawn Divine, Black, Latin, Asian


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Vintage 80th in “Petites Annonces Tres Speciales”

Name: Petites Annonces Tres Speciales


Duration: 79 min

Language: French

Year: 1983


Categories: Vintage 80th, 1983, French, Cathy Menard, Carole Pierac, Michelle Villers, Christine Saura, Alban Ceray, Ghislain Garet

Actors: Alban Ceray,Ghislain Garet

Actress: Cathy Menard,Carole Pierac,Michelle Villers,Christine Saura

A marriage crook wanted by police takes refuge in a hotel isolated on a beach in Normandy at the end of the season. This quiet hotel welcomes love antics of all natures that involve the owner, a young widow, and his good small nymphomaniac. The arrival of Alex will spice them up. But very special ads that publish will betray him. And against a total sexual servitude he shall pay his concealment. Interpreted by the sublime Cathy Menard, one of the last great films from the end of the golden age of cinema X French left with a triumphant success on August 31, 1983 in the movie theaters.

Rene Bond : Classic porn 70

Rene Bond : Classic porn 70

Name: Frankie And Johnnie… Were Lovers

Country: United States

Language: English

Director: Alan Colberg

Duration: 73 min

Year: 1975

Categories: Classic porn 70, Rene Bond, 1975, United States, English, Alan Colberg, Rene Bond, Rick Lutze

Actors: Rick Lutze

Actress: Rene Bond

In the heart of many a pornographer is a serious filmmaker, feeling stifled by his (or her) medium. Such is the case with FRANKIE AND JOHNNIE, wherein director Alan Colberg freaks out in the "search for meaning" department.Result is strictly porn, but embedded with so many flashbacks, daydreams and other non-linear material as to be nearly incomprehensible. Basically it is the corny story of on-again/off-again lovers as signified by the song, and played by the familiar team of Rene Bond and Ric Lutze.She’s a successful nightclub singer, and unfortunately we have to listen to half a dozen songs belted by Rene (including a direct-sound live performance of the title number on-stage) off-key. Delusions of adequacy by Colberg made this not only a very softcore exercise, when fans were used to seeing the dynamic duo get it on for real, but a dim-witted showcase for Bond’s non-talent as a warbler.Helping to make it watchable is the always delightful Cyndee Summers, cast as Ric’s old flame, who seduces him after his sports car breaks down. Ric is supposedly a race car driver, but the film’s most intriguing sequence has him working on some test program at a vast old computer center (pure nostalgia), where Bond visits him and humps him, while the computer screen & its cutesy voice cracks jokes.Near the end of the film there’s plenty of racing around the coast highway by the cast, as Colberg tries to impress us with just the kind of footage you don’t find in a porn film. Which raises the question of course, where is the footage you DO expect?Movie’s "tragic" conclusion is a drag, and attempt at sentimentality is lame. It all adds up, despite the surface gloss, to a whole lot less fun than watching Rene & Ric in one of their many XXX 1-day wonders. Colberg switched to hardcore for his subsequent films, all-star affairs but strictly mediocre porn.

Rikki Blake – classic porn picture

Rikki Blake – classic porn picture

Carla Turner ass in “The Other Side of Julie”

Name: The Other Side of Julie

Language: English

Year: 1978

Director: Anthony Riverton

Duration: 89 min

Country: United States

Actress: Nancy Hoffman,Suzanne French,Paula Wain,Carla Turner

Categories: Carla Turner ass, 1978, United States, English, Anthony Riverton, Nancy Hoffman, Suzanne French, Paula Wain, Carla Turner, John Leslie, Joey Silvera, Ray Wells, Alf Conners, William Paulson

Actors: John Leslie,Joey Silvera,Ray Wells,Alf Conners,William Paulson

The Other Side Of Julie, starring the breathtaking Susannah French, traces the madcap life led by her and her husband, Mike (John Leslie).Mike has an extraordinary life-style – a white Rolls Royce Corniche convertible, a large business, a magnificent home, and a side line that Julie knows nothing about. He selects lovely young women at random, and makes the following proposition: he will supply the financial backing for a new business partnership and in return the girls supply him with a share of the profits – and unlimited sex!When Julie finally discovers Mikes sham, she turns the tables and takes over in a fabulous climax that will leave you breathless and crying for more!